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Realise Your Inner Power 

A 126day course that shall help you unleash your true potential and  inner power by understanding and practicing the law of attraction.  Most people surrender the uncertainties of their future lives to chance or to the exogenous forces like family, God, etc. If you are one among them, this course would help you visualize your future and guide you to intervene with your thoughts, habits and actions. Your thoughts have the power to navigate and attract what you desire to you.

Image by Clay Banks

The easiest way to manifest your ambitions and goals is to shed focus, thoughts and actions behind them. When you start directing your focus towards your vision and the desired outcome, and you start believing that this would happen, you start exploring and leveraging every possible opportunity to make it happen.  Some people find it difficult to set their vision and thoughts.


Some get disrupted in the middle of their action course. While some others find it hard to remain consistent and require guidance. This exercise is tailored to help overcome all of these and guide such people to be consistent and responsible in managing their thoughts and actions.  The 126-day course is offered in 6 parts of 21 days each. The course also has tools and techniques to track and assess yourself at the end of each part.


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