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Art of healing relationship

The Art of Healing Relationship is a 21-day online course to build healthy relationships with  oneself, parents, spouse, siblings, friends, and colleagues. The course aims to create awareness of the dynamics in a relationship and thus add a different perspective to  approaching challenges in maintaining a healthy relationship. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The course would offer proven methods and insights to nurturing meaningful bonds in a  relationship. Relationships have their own share of struggles, quarrels, problems, and challenges. Typically when people patch up after a fight or a problem, we see a consistent pattern where they try to review who did what and how it started. There is a constant transfer of blame followed by fear of losing each other. The course offers solution-based approaches like 369 manifestation practices, profiling practice, and 55*5 practice to reflect deeper, strike a meaningful balance, and forge better bonds when people patch up after a  problem.

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