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Life Transformation course

Sometimes, during the most intense seasons and moments of life, we look up to someone who can spot our blindspots and navigate us through. Not all of us are privileged to have that from a well-known circle of friends and family.     


Having guided 2500+ people from 12+ countries to contemplate and define their goals, we have launched an online life coaching course so as to impact a larger audience. Online Life  Coaching course aims to empower individuals with knowledge, skills, and capabilities to better connect themselves to their uncertain future.

Holding Hands

The online life coaching sessions offer several advantages to the individuals as they can look up to it anytime over the year they need guidance, unlike the personalized classes. This increases the depth of knowledge transfer and creates a profound impact that lasts longer.   


If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere in defining your goals, making a fruitful career, or if you are looking to perfect a drowning relationship, this course is just for you. We help you identify the purpose of your existence, define your goals, and set a trajectory that can drive you to the future from the present.  


 At the end of every month during the course, we arrange group meetings and community discussions with every other participant in the course. This would help you learn and unlearn as we address a broad set of questions and doubts from the audience. You get an opportunity to read others' perceptions of the course and their learnings.    

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