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Life Transformation Course

Permanent change is the core idea of our Life Transformation course. Shape your next 30-40 years in the coming 6 months

How it works?

  • Connect to the universal power & manifest your goals.

  • Holistic Transformation - Career, Wealth & Relationship.

  • Realize the power of your thoughts and shape them.

  • Perceive what you really want in life.

  • Understand that money is an energy

  • Learn how to be financially free

Looking for a change? Not sure where to start?

Looking for a change? Not sure where to start? Start from here 

The very first step to transforming your life is to realize - Where you are? How long have you been there?

We are the result of a 2-million years of evolution and our genes carry zillions of information all through our lives.  Understanding the magnificence of the universal power and connecting ourselves to the universe is the key to realizing our potential and manifesting our goals.

The moment I say manifestation, many think it is merely the law of attraction practices. In reality, it is much more. So, the life transformation course extends beyond the law of attraction practices to help clean your thoughts, realize your inner potential, and set the stage for a holistic, permanent transformation.

Having personally guided 2500+ people from 12+ countries to contemplate and define their goals, I have launched an online life transformation course so as to impact a larger audience.

By spending just 30 minutes of your day for six months or so, I help you accelerate your life 5 years ahead of where you could have been otherwise. The program would help you understand that you are responsible for your life and it is solely upon you to transform your life. Come, let us get there through a systematic process of transformation.

  • Understand where you are.

  • Identify what you want to be.

  • Plot how to get there.

Who should take up this course?

Students who are not sure of where their future is headed to.

Professionals desperately waiting to manifest a dream job.

People healing their bodies and mind

Entrepreneurs and visionaries in their endeavor to build dream businesses.

Those in the process of patching up a broken relationship or manifesting new relationships

People who wish to manifest wealth and prosperity.

Those who dont know whats next in life

Why should you take up this course?

An opportunity to transform your life from anywhere, anytime.

Unlock your abilities.

Identify and plan your next steps.

Get closer to your goals.

Never feel unworthy again.

360 Degree transformation.

Understand the purpose of your life

Achieve prosperity in your lives.

Manifest your goals








உங்கள் வாழ்க்கையை நீங்களே நிர்ணயுங்கள். நிரந்தரமாக மாற்றுங்கள்.

Meet your coach







Hey! I am Jhawahar Raju, a life transformation and personality development coach. In 13+ years of my professional life, that I have worked in the Human Resource Department of leading organizations before becoming a full-time life coach testifies to the people person in me.


Having coached and trained more than 2500 people from 12 countries set goals, I am also the founder of Epicrecap, an organization that offers actionable programs to people seeking holistic personal development. I am also a content creator on YouTube and hold a record of 3.5+ crore views and 2+ lakh subscribers. I navigate people with simple solutions to believe in their authentic selves and groom their thoughts to be able to live their ideal life. I am driven by the passion to bring a drastic and lasting change in the lives of people who seek a massive transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ )

  • 1. Is there any age requirements?
  • 2. Should I know law of attraction beforehand?
  • 3. What if I am not able to make up for the monthly zoom meeting?
  • 4. How to access the course after purchasing?
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